MigraBo LGBTI @ “Out & Proud” 5-6 ottobre 2017 – Amsterdam

Il 5 e 6 ottobre MigraBo LGBTI e il suo Segretario Jonathan Mastellari parteciperanno al convegno “Out & Proud” ad Amsterdam sulla situazione delle persone LGBTI in Europa.

MigraBo LGBTI interverrà il 5 ottobre durante il panel “Reception conditions” dalle 10.30 alle 12 e con un workshop dalle 13 alle 14.30 intitolato “Building Rainbow Bridges”


On 5th and 6th October 2017 MigraBO LGBTI and his Secretary Jonathan Mastellari will join the conference “Out & Proud” about the situation of LGBTI migrants in Europe.

MigraBo will intervene during “Reception conditions” panel (10.30 / 12.00 am) and will lead “Building Rainbow Bridges” workshop  (13.00 / 14.30)


About the conference

During the conference Out & Proud? LGBTI asylum in Europe we will explore both the legal and the social aspects of LGBTI asylum issues. Our aim is to bring together lawyers, NGOs, researchers, activists, policy makers and LGBTI refugees.

Since the Fleeing Homophobia report and conference (September 2011), several legal and social developments and improvements have occurred in the LGBTI asylum field in Europe. The EU Court of Justice delivered judgements on asylum claims based on sexual orientation (XYZ and ABC v. the Netherlands), the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) presented the training module Gender, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation, and activists and NGOs undertook new initiatives to support LGBTI asylum seekers. At the Out & Proud? conference we will take stock of where we are, share our knowledge and experiences, and discuss how to further our goals.





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